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About personal data

The online store informs potential users of our website that it does not collect personal data

In order to complete an order through our website, it is necessary to disclose some personal data of the user.

Any processing of personal data will be carried out only in a legal manner in accordance with the requirements of law 2472/97 on "Protection of the individual from the processing of personal data".

The online store responsibly declares that any processing of personal data will be carried out only for purposes directly related to the completion of your order and in no case will it transmit or disclose personal data to third parties unless required to do so. by the competent authorities.

Non-Personal Data


During the first visit / use of our website, some identification information known as cookies may be placed on the user's computer. Cookies are a set of parameters that are stored on the user's hard drive and include selected information about the user's visits to the Website. Cookies contain preferences such as language selection, username or other similar information that would otherwise require frequent submissions by the user.

The use of cookies can in no way lead to the identification of personal information at the time of visiting our Website.

Links to other Websites

The online store can not guarantee the level and quality of each website to which it refers through links, nor does it assume any responsibility for the content of the websites that do not belong to it and / or for the terms collection and processing of personal data applied to them.


Any modification to this Privacy Policy will be promptly displayed on this Website.

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