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Destination Greece

Destination Greece
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Destination Greece


Greece is a continuous journey. This country has so many places -big and small, famous and unknown- that as much as you travel, you will not be able to discover them all. People make the difference with the lives they lead; they make the places they live in unique.What I love the most is traveling and meeting people that live life, the life they chose to live. This has been my dream ever since I was a young journalist, when I was making my first steps with the blessings of my godfather Aristotelis Plakidas: to travel as much as I could because this is the only way to deeply learn about the world and myself.Many people in the pages you are about to read live in places that are not at the center of current affairs, in places that have something magical about them. When you travel in Greece you discover why we are the center of the world. Here exist everything that a human existence with aesthetics and civilization could ever wanted. Provided it dares to move outside of its comfort zone and go out there. Aiming at the horizon, at the opportunities that are approaching.With pictures and words, I created a sea in which I have been sailing for all these years. Writing about everything I discovered, trying to inspire others to unties their cordages and get into the open sea. To travel.
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WriterLeftheris Plakidas
Date Issued2020
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  • ISBN: 978-618-5316-49-5