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Aegean Voyage

Aegean Voyage
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Aegean Voyage


"Aegean voyage" is an exceptional book of photographs, a uniquely personal look at one of the world's most beautiful and fascinating regions -the Aegean Archipelago. Photographer Yiorgos Depollas communicates an intensely personal vision, exploiting his subject matter to the full: people and places, the sea and sky, light and colour, the traditional and the contemporary are all presented in an exceptionaly original manner. Alongside the photographs, the text Memos Tselikas its own special contribution to guiding the reader. The design of this book is no less inventive and unusual, with images arranged in pairs and thematic units in such a way as to greatly increase the reader's pleasure. The Greece which emerges from its pages is one we should all colme to know, a wonderful voyage through the light and the smile.
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WriterYiorgos Depollas
Date Issued1996
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  • ISBN: 978-960-7524-02-7