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The Melina Mercouri Foundation and Mr. Jules Dassin have honoured me with a request to write a book for young people about the Parthenon and its sculpture. The purpose of the book is to familiarise the readers with classical art, both architecture and sculpture, so that when they visit the Acropolis..
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Oi Ellines apoikoi, oi opoioi apo to deitero miso toi 8oi aiona p.H. idrisan tis poleis tois sti Megali Ellada me ti bia, tin epikratisi kai tin ipodoilosi ton entopion plithismon, prokalesan parallila mia eireia diadikasia afomoiosis kai politismikis diamorfosis. Dimioirgisan ton idiomorfo italioti..
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The Acropolis is part of the volume entitled Treasures of the Greek Museums , which introduces the reader to the priceless works of art housed in the museums of Greece. The texts, written by experts, furnish details of the historical and cultural context of these masterpieces. The most important arc..
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