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Returns policy

Returns policy

Return of the order can be done only in the following two cases:

1) By our mistake

2) After a typographical error (misprint, etc.), of the supplier or after the receipt of a defective product.

If after receiving the order and within 15 days you want the return of your products, they should be sent:

a. In a secure package along with a copy of the payment receipt

b. With a private shipping company (courier) or registered by post, as in case of loss of the parcel it is not possible to make the required credit.

The charge for the return costs is borne by the company, only when the customer chooses the same shipping company from which he received his parcel.

In case of receipt of wrong products, or their damage during shipment, please inform us at [email protected] stating as the subject of your e-mail "Wrong Product", "Damaged Product" and the details of your order (Name, order e-mail, order number).
Finally, on the basis of the regulations for distance contracts, ie distance sales, that is, the customer can withdraw, ie return the products without any reason that must be mentioned, if he so wishes. The condition, of course, is that the products are in the condition in which they were received. The possibility of this return is within 14 calendar days from the receipt of the products by him.